ZiBiz Business Development Workshops

Business Development Workshops

ZiBiz Business Development Workshops

Strategic Planning Workshop

Having no plan is a plan for failure! Plan for success with this one day workshop and get your team working towards a common purpose, vision and mission. Align your organisational structure with your long term goals and strategies, review your future resourcing requirements and map out your plan for growth. Invest $3500.

Business Systems Analysis Workshop

The ‘way’ you do business is defined by your business systems and impacts how your customer’s perceive you. Discover the best way to go about your business with this one day workshop and create consistent customer experiences. Review your operating model, establish operating standards, audit your business systems and identify areas for improvement and innovation. Invest $3500.

Information Systems Analysis Workshop

Do you have bits and pieces of information scattered around your business? Learn how to consolidate your information repositories with this one day workshop and make all the pieces fit together. Audit your information requirements, identify information gaps and bottlenecks and streamline your workflows for improved productivity. Invest $3500.

Total Business Analysis Experience

Book all three workshops for a complete business analysis experience. You get the Strategic Planning Workshop, the Business Systems Analysis Workshop and the Information Systems Analysis Workshop. Invest $9000 (saving $1500).

Contact us for a complimentary Discovery Session to find out which business development workshop would best suit you and your situation, or we will tailor one for your specific needs.