ZiBiz Business Coaching Programs

Business Coaching

ZiBiz Business Coaching Programs

Business Lifestyle Coaching Package

Start creating the business lifestyle you have always dreamed of   with this twelve month, private coaching program. Included is     the Business Systems Analysis Workshop to ensure we consider   a  holistic view of your business.

  •  12 months, one-on-one private coaching
  •  Flexible delivery format, total 4 hours per month
  •  Session reports and Email support
  •  Business Systems Analysis Workshop (valued at $3500)
  •  Invest $1500 per month or $15,000 up front (saving $3000)

Business Revival Coaching Package

If your business has plateaued, splash new life into it with this six month, private coaching program. Enjoy some quick wins and renew that feeling of success.

  • 6 months, one-on-one private coaching
  • Flexible delivery format, total 2 hours per month
  • Session reports and Email support
  • Invest $800 per month or $4000 up front (saving $800)

Business Booster Coaching Session

If you are stuck on a pesky business problem, why not take time out for a one off, private coaching session to get a new perspective on things and boost your energy.

  • One-off, one-on-one private coaching session
  • Flexible delivery format, total 1 hour per session
  • Session report and 1 week Email support
  • Invest $450 per hour

Business Buddies Coaching Package

Mastermind with other small business owners in this six month group coaching experience. Share your business endeavours and feed off the synergy of energy.

  • 6 months, group coaching experience
  • Mastermind with 3-6 other small business owners
  • Flexible delivery format, total 3 hours per month
  • Email support
  • Invest $600 per month or $3000 up front (saving $600)

If you’ve done the research and are ready to get started with a ZiBiz Business Coach, we have developed a Business Coaching Starter Package where you can trial a ZiBiz Business Coach for 6 weeks.

Otherwise Contact us for a complimentary Discovery Session to find out which business coaching program would best suit you and your situation, or we will tailor one for your specific needs.