How does Business Coaching Work?

Business Coaching

How does Business Coaching Work?

The Conversation

The coaching process evolves as a conversation between the coach and owner, where the coach asks the questions and encourages the owner to find the answers within themselves. The coach will ask questions the owner may never have thought of, offering new perspectives and fresh inspiration.

The Learning Experience

The coaching process becomes a learning experience, where the coach makes observations, sets the scene for new actions and provides insight, and the owner learns new skills to become self-correcting and self-generating. The coaching journey will also bring about change in the owner as they alter their old behaviours and develop new habits in the pursuit of new possibilities.

The Emotional Plane

The coaching process operates on an emotional plane, where the coach may at times challenge the owner’s thinking and beliefs to steer their actions in different directions. This is critical for the owner to achieve different results from what they have been achieving in the past.

The Mentoring

The coaching process may at times include some mentoring where the coach has specific areas of expertise or experience they can share with the owner to guide their decisions.

The Journey

The coaching process is a journey where the coach navigates the owner through a series of steps and helps them create the business lifestyle they have always dreamed of. The journey begins with setting business goals, defining strategies, and action planning. Follow up sessions review progress, address challenges and confirm next steps.