Our Work Ethics

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Our Work Ethics

Professional Code of Ethics

ZiBiz Business Coaches and Consultants adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics guidelines which cover:

  • Professional Conduct at Large
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Professional Conduct with Clients
  • Confidentiality and Privacy

Our Personal Approach

In addition, we approach every business dealing with professionalism, a strong sense of integrity and work ethic with an underlying attitude of:

  • Always looking into the future with optimism and hope.
  • Being fully committed to any task we accept to undertake, and approaching it with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Thinking of new ways to do things though creativity, innovation and originality,
  • Accepting that no one knows everything, and promoting an environment of continuous learning.
  • Thinking things through and examining a situation from all sides before making judgement.
  • Noticing, appreciating and encouraging excellence and skilled performance.
  • Acting with justice and authenticity on convictions, and embracing challenges with an open mind.
  • Taking satisfaction by working in an industrious, diligent and efficient manner to build and maintain a good reputation.
  • Working together with clients as a team, fostering loyalty and harmony, and sharing the success with everybody involved with the project.